Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

It's a terrible thing to rush through life but I have a habit of looking forward to Fridays. And it isn't just Fridays, I'm looking forward to the end of the month. I am low on funds already and there are 3 1/3 weeks of October left. To make matters worse, I have a sore throat and feel like I'm coming down with something. Hopefully it's just a cold. The county next to mine has had a large number of H1N1 cases and even shut down one school for the week because of so many absences. I was planning to get the regular flu shot this weekend. The other vaccine isn't available at CVS Minute Clinic yet. I hope I don't get sick before that.

I called my insurance to inquire about the bill I received last week for $690. They said they didn't receive a claim. I called the hospital. They said they sent the paperwork and didn't receive a response. Turns out that 2 hospitals bill for the doctor that I saw for my skin cancer biopsy. Their bills look suspiciously identical. I wonder if my insurance saw the other claim and thought it was a duplicate. If they can't get their billing right I'm going to have to find another dermatologist. I hate finding new doctors. At least I don't have any problems with the bill for the surgery since I paid cash. When I went in for a check up yesterday, I told the surgeon's office staff about my billing problems with the other doctor and they had similar stories of dealing with insurance companies. It's funny hearing it from someone who does the billing for a doctor. It's a different perspective. She has to take her family to the doctor too and runs in to the same problems the rest of us face. I was hoping she would know the inside secrets.

Anyway, I must put "find a new dermatologist" on my to-do list as well as "make sure $690 bill gets paid by insurance company". I definitely don't want to have to pay that.

Only three days left for the week. I think I can make it.


KoBold said...

Apparently you are one more TGI Friday person I know.

Daizy said...

I like Thursdays too...because the next day is FRIDAY!