Monday, October 5, 2009

I Feel Like Cheating

I'm only in debt to myself $150 for my Thanksgiving plane ticket and $59 from last month's extravagances but it seems like a lot. I haven't sold any stuff yet and I don't see any extra income in my immediate future(like the next few weeks) from anywhere else. I will have some credit card rewards in a few months. I'm up to $156 in rewards so far and I get an extra $50 when I reach the $200 level. I'm sure Christmas shopping will get me to $200 quite quickly. But I don't want to pre-spend those rewards. If I do I'll just be short on money later on. I have decided to sell my glass top table and 4 chairs. They are micro-fiber chairs and I had to put them in the back room to keep them safe from wet doggie noses. Not practical at all. I might get $80-$100 for it. That would help a lot.

Sometimes I feel like adding a month or two on to my mortgage plan and spending more money now. If I was making lifestyle improvements, like fixing up the mobile home, then that wouldn't be a bad way to spend some money. But I tend to splurge on more frivolous things like clothes, dog toys, stuff to donate to the dog rescue, etc.... Not that those are bad things individually, they just add up fast. I donated a big wire dog cage and two vaporizers(for sick puppies) to the dog rescue last week. I could have sold the cage for $60 but I knew the lady in charge of the dog rescue needed it and would use it, probably daily. Sometimes it's more about helping someone out than about getting the most money. I think I should have told her I was trading the cage for one of my dogs. I want to adopt my latest doggie. He's just so cute and affectionate and doesn't want to eat the cat. He only costs $75.

Anyway, I think I should keep doing what I have been doing, trying to stick with the plan as best as I can and then adding a month if I have to. I still have a little over a year to go to pay off the mortgage and anything can happen. This year I have had to add 3 months already. Who knows what next year will bring. I can't start slacking off quite yet.


Popular Girl said...

I'm losing track -- are you up to four dogs now? The latest one is sure a cutie. No wonder you want to adopt him.

atexasgirl said...

Stay on course. You won't miss the things you didn't spend money on, but you'll regret that extra month or three on your morgtage.

One of my favorite quotes is from David Campbell: "Discipline is remembering what you want."

Daizy said...

Popular Girl, I have 3 dogs. Started with one, got another as a playmate. Second one got adopted and got 2 more. One of those got adopted and I got one more. I've had 5 total, still have 3. It is confusing.

Daizy said...

atexasgirl, you are right of course. The thought of being tied to my job for any longer than necessary keeps me in line.