Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend In Review

My weekends go so fast. That's probably because I catch up on my sleep and play on the computer more than usual. With the normal weekend chores of laundry, meals, filling my water tanks, errands and cleaning, I barely make any progress on my bigger goals.

This weekend I managed to list 2 items on craig's list. They haven't sold yet unfortunately. I swept and vacuumed the mobile home, something I haven't needed to do before the dogs. I washed the blanket on my bed. I've been needing to do that for months but laundry is such a work-out with hauling water to the washing machine and the 100 degree temperatures. It's in the 80's this weekend so chores weren't as difficult.

I went through my mail today and found a bill from my dermatologist for $690. Evidently my insurance is so slow at paying they sent the bill to me to see if I would pay. I hate having unpaid bills but I know my insurance will pay some day. The fun part is waiting to see if they will pay before or after the bill goes to the bill collectors. I have another appointment at the end of the month. I am tempted to reschedule until the first bill is paid. Guess I will be calling them tomorrow.

Now what do I have to look forward to this week besides Friday? I try to think of something every week. My boss is leaving on Wednesday so that means an extra day of jeans. My carpool driver is out of town this week so I have to drive myself. That's not a good thing because of the extra gas bill but I do get to take my trash to the dumpster at work. I think I only have one bag. I really should have thought of that sooner and thrown more things out this weekend. Oh well, I'll have other opportunities. Now it's time to go hang out with my foster dogs.

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