Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Casual Thursday

Two more days left until the weekend. My boss went out of town today so I think I'll wear jeans tomorrow. I'm tired of my work pants anyway. That reminds me, I want to go to look for pants at the thrift store this weekend. Don't know if I'll actually do it but it's on my list.

My boss emptied out his fridge again since he will be gone for a few days. Not a lot of stuff but there is some lettuce and avocado that I like. Maybe I'll even grab the green pepper and make red beans and rice. I'm not sure what to do with the half of cabbage and someone else can take the jalapenos.

I thought about bringing a dog to work with me but I remembered that I need to run over to the RV store at lunch. I can't leave a dog alone in my office. That would be bad.

My electric bill was only $65 last month. Yea! But I'm using a lot of gasoline since my carpool is out of town. It will all even out. I haven't run the AC lately but I do turn on the fan to drown out the dogs at night. They don't bark very much but occasionally something gets them going. I hope my neighbor's have better insulation than I do. I don't want anyone to complain.

Tomorrow is Thursday and it will be a good day because the next day is Friday. Thursday's have good TV too, well, last season was good. I haven't had time to get in to it this season. I've traded TV time for dog time.

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