Thursday, February 26, 2009

Consolidating My Accounts

Last weekend I was on the other side of town checking out a small camper that I found on Craig's list. Craig's list is my weakness. I really need to stay away from it. This little camper was a 1956 Shasta camper. It was just the shell with all the rust and water damage that goes with a 53 year old camper. Eventually I want to sell this big RV and get something small (it was only 14 feet) that I can tow with my little truck. This camper was not the one for me though because the hitch was rusted and needed to be replaced.

Before I found the hitch problem I went to the bank to get some money. I still have my out of state bank as my primary bank so I was hit with a $3 ATM fee. Ouch. I needed $100 more so I had to go in to the bank to withdraw funds from my account at the bank that I was at. It is confusing...but I could only take out $400 from the out of state bank and I wanted $500. I didn't have $500 in my account at the Chase bank so I only withdrew $100 from Chase. I know it doesn't make a lot of sense but I really wanted that camper. While I was at the bank the associate wanted to do an account review. She told me that I qualified for a better checking account since I have my mortgage with them. Ok, switch it over, I said. Then she asked about my debit card. I said I hadn't used it. It was still in my bill folder. I forgot that it was also an ATM card. I dug it out of my files when I got home and put it in my wallet so I won't have to pay ATM fees. She also told me that the Chase credit card gives 3% back on purchases. I use Discover which only gives 1% back and 5% on select categories (I never seem to buy the right categories) so I am switching credit cards.

I have another local account from a credit union which used to be convenient but then it moved farther away so it is not as easy to get to. I had planned on cancelling that account but I have direct deposit going there and I have a lot of checks to use up. The Chase associate gave me free checks and today I ask HR to change my direct deposit instructions. I plan to cancel the local credit union and use Chase. I have been meaning to consolidate my accounts for a while now but I just never got to it. I certainly didn't plan to spend half an hour at the bank but it was good. I didn't spend $500 on an old camper and my financial life just got a little more organised.

By the way, another little camper popped up on Craig's list today. 1966, 13 foot, all original inside. Too bad it cost $1,500. It's so cute but I must resist! I don't have $1,500. Actually, I really didn't have $500 either. Do you think buying a camper could be considered an emergency? :)


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Craigslist is like reading the old Sears catalog when I was a kid. It is just endless while the catalog probably just seemed that way because I was a kid. Lots of fun.

A camper could be an emergency I suppose. I like the Casita campers, but they aren't real cheap, but emergencies usually aren't :)

Daizy said...

A camper could be an emergency if I was homeless. I'd rather not be in that situation though so a camper is a luxury for now.

Sear's catalog was cool.

Anonymous said...

I make money on craigslist by buying bargains and reselling. I usually do some fixing as well.

One thing to remember is almost nothing on craigslist sells for the asking price. That is especially true in this economy (I think you found this out when trying to sell furniture). Wait a week or two and offer $500 for that $1500 trailer, you might get it, especially if the seller needs money for bills.

444 said...

It is cute as a button, I will give you that!

Anonymous said...

Just a tad of reality here (I guess I am the bad guy). You have a home, you have an RV, you have a mobile home and you have a shed. I don't think this will be your last opportunity in life to buy a camper - your goal is to pay down the house!

Lecture over.

Sharon S said...

Hi there-that camper is really cute! Well done for sorting out your accounts, sounds like they are changes for the better!

Shuchong said...

I think what you really need is a chassis for your shed:) That way you can tow it around instead of a camper. And it would look so much cooler!

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Really confusing banking system for this bear of very little brain. I guess because the country is so big? Here all banks cover the whole country ( i think) and getting money is free from any proper bank ATMs. I think most people use a debit card to pay for everything and the same card is used at the 'hole in the wall'.

Daizy said...

AlexK, do you re-sell on craig's list or somewhere else? There certainly are some great deals on there. So tempting...

444, it would probably become a pack rat resort at my place. Maybe it can be my reward when I'm finished with this mortgage stuff.

Anonymous, yes, yes, you are saying exactly what the little angel on my shoulder is saying to me. But the little devil says buy buy buy! :P

Sharon Rose, hopefully I won't have to do so much shuffling when I pay my bills. I have been making it more difficult than it needs to be.

Shuchong, those tumbleweed houses are on wheels(have you seen the website?). It would look pretty funny going down the highway.

Lizzie, I always seem to get caught at the wrong ATM and then hit with the fees. It cost me $3 just to hold on to my own money for a week! I put that $500 back in the bank today.