Thursday, February 16, 2017

Winter Pause

Since my sister and crew departed last week, I had a nice, quiet weekend to get the house back in order while my nephew was away at Northern Arizona University for a school choir event.  The weather was great.  I noticed that the pomegranate tree was beginning to get leaves so I trimmed it, something I should have done a few weeks ago but I was not expecting an early spring again, and I still expect it to get cold at least one more time. 

I retrieved my motorized bicycle from my co-worker's house since I have had no serious inquiries to my attempt to sell.  I tried it out and it is definitely temperamental and LOUD.  It may need a new spark plug which will help with the temperamental part but not with the noise.  I am leaning towards donating it back to the dog rescue I bought it from so that they can sell it again which relieves me of the chore of selling it and gives them more donations for their vet bills.  I've decided to wait until after spring break in March to see if I make time to take my nephew out in the desert to try riding it on some trails.  The problem is, 2 people and 1 bike is not as much fun as 2 people and 2 bikes.  Either way, I don't want it taking up space on my porch.

What else... Jimmy-dog seems to be doing much better.  He has more energy and is more playful and mischievous like he was in his younger years.  Perhaps his new blood pressure medicine is the cause.  He is not due for another check-up for two more months and then we will see if his blood pressure has gone down. 

My nephew accidentally dropped his iphone 4 in the toilet.  It was a gift from his other aunt for getting good grades in 8th grade.  Honestly, I thought he would have lost it or broke it by now.  He only uses it for internet access with wifi because it does not have a calling contract.  He uses a tracfone for calls and texts.  The iphone in a coma is currently lying in a bag of rice.  My nephew looks at it hopefully and worries that it might not revive.  Only time will tell.  If it is truly dead, he will have to decide if he wants to use money from his computer fund to buy another or maybe he can strike a deal with his other aunt for her used one.  Dare I offer him my extra Kindle?  It only cost me $40 and I am not using it.  It is too big to fit in his pocket so he might not want it.  I think I will let him find his own solution to his problem.


Dave said...

Who brings his cell phone into the bathroom?

Hey Daizy, no subject line for this post!

Daizy said...

A teenager? I almost dropped my phone in the toilet once. Flipped out of my back pocket but I caught it in time. Whew.

Thanks for noticing the lack of title. I was rushing.