Friday, May 29, 2015

My New Favorite: Ship-to-Store

I love short work weeks.  It is Friday already and than means I get to plan my to-do list for Saturday.  I want it to be a short list but every time I start thinking, the list grows and grows.  The plan was to go to Home Depot and pick up my ship-to-store orders today but one of them said it wouldn't arrive until tomorrow so I picked the rest of the stuff up yesterday.  I like the ship-to-store option because it is easier to find things online than it is in the store.  It is very frustrating to find something online and then go to the store to find out it is out of stock or not at that location.  Plus there is the added fun of wandering around hopelessly looking for an item and then trying to track down an associate who knows what I am talking about.  Yes, I know there is a Home Depot app that is supposed to tell me where everything is and if it is in stock but it drained my battery plus I don't have a data plan so ship to store is less hassle.

I bought an electrical wire cutter/stripper, ferrules, and a swaging tool.  Part of this journey includes learning new terminology like "ferrule" and "swaging".  It is hard to search for things online without the proper term.  Then today I got an email that said my last item, a digging bar, had arrived.  Well, too late.  I will pick that up later.  Also on my list was trim so I picked up some plain white 1"x3" and 1"x2" as well as some lattice strips.

The good news is that 8' long boards fit in my PT Cruiser.  I could even go 9' if I put them on the dashboard.  Too bad the back window doesn't open.  I could really haul long stuff if it could stick out the back.  I intend to tack these strips up and see how they look in different locations.  I need them to cover some ugly areas but I am hoping that I don't have to use wide pieces for the whole mobile home because I am running out of money.

Other than trim, I think I should try to work on the skirting.  I only need 2 pieces for the fenced in area.  I should be able to handle that. Also, the big tarp that I ordered for the pool arrived.  I want to cut a small hole in the center and glue on some screen so that water can go through.  I'm not sure if that is a good idea or not.  The pool cover that came with the pool has holes in it and the bees keep dying in the water.  I want bugs out but rainwater to go in.

Today was the last day of Sophomore high school for my nephew.  In 2 weeks he will go visit my sister in California and then 2 weeks later he will come here and help me decorate his room (or complain about the heat).  I changed my driver's license address online and I am waiting for my new license to come in the mail.  The high school hasn't posted the registration packet for next school year yet.  Once they do I will sign him up and then there will be no going back with this plan.  It will be 2 years of high school while living at my property and coming back to the "vacation home" in town for weekends and holidays.  I hope this plan works as well in reality as it does in my head.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

This looks like my holiday rental car. Always so glad that the car hire people dont know!

Daizy said...

What are cars good for if we aren't suppose to stuff them full of all sorts of strange things. And dogs!

Dobermom said...

I'd never get all the correct terms. Everything is a 'thingy' to me when I'm explaining.

Daizy said...

Dobermom, it took me a while to figure out "swaging". I was calling it a crimping tool and was getting only really expensive tools in my search.