Sunday, May 31, 2015

Never-ending Projects

It was the first 100 degree weekend and I was tempted to stay home but my car was full of supplies so off I went.  First, I picked up a few things outside because I don't want snakes hiding under them.  This guy was hiding under a piece of wood.  Good thing he wasn't a snake.

Isn't he cute?
After unloading the car, I brought my newly bought tarp to the pool.  The wasps were enjoying the water.  I attached my new tarp clips but only had 3 bungie cords so the cover only looked like this for 10 minutes until the wind blew one side in.  More bungie cords have been added to my shopping list.  I think a rope wrapped around the poles will help give me more attachment points.

My little water hoard.
 Next, I checked on the jacuzzi.  It had a foot of water in it for the last couple of weeks as well as a dead rat and tons of mosquitos.  You can thank me later for not showing you the photo.  I added bleach twice but the mosquitos were going strong and driving my crazy inside the mobile home (remember that hole I put in the water heater closet?  Ya, I still haven't finished covering it because I have to do the bathroom plumbing first and that hole is right above the jacuzzi.) I had to get over the ickiness and scoop the water out with a bucket.  All better now, until the next rain.  A cover is on my to-do list but it isn't a top priority.  Maybe I can just add mosquito fish?

Die, Mosquitoes, Die!
Next, I tried some trim and found that the 1"x 3" boards worked well in the living room.  The 1"x 4" boards will cover much ugliness on the hallway floor.  I figured out how many more I will have to buy and put up most of the ones that I had as well as finished some painting.  I can start to see what the finished room could look like.  Flooring will make a huge difference but I want to finish all of the painting first.

Almost ready to make it pretty.
 The only room that wasn't unbearably hot was the living room because of the A/C.  Even standing on a ladder made me sweat.  I was dreading doing anything more outside but I couldn't leave without starting on...The Pit of Despair.

The Pit of Despair.  Scary.
The Pit of Despair is the scary hole behind my block steps in to my new front door.  It smells like skunk under there and I am sure hides a den of rattlesnakes or other fearsome creatures.  The handyman quit before he finished the skirting and I need just a few more feet covered in order to close in my fence.  The handyman had been using an angle grinder to cut the cement panels.  I don't own an angle grinder and I read that the cement dust is terrible for the lungs.  Searching google for ways to cut backerboard, I stumbled on the suggestion of this nifty scoring tool for $10.  It got good ratings so I bought it even though I was skeptical.  Well, using my old fridge as a work bench and the grid on the back of the board, it only took three swipes with the tool to be able to snap the board in half.  I am thrilled that it worked!

Well worth the $10,
 I was dying from the heat but I was able to successfully attach one board in to place proving that I could do it myself.  That's one less "how am I going to do this?" in my head.  I will add 2 more pieces, paint, backfill, and then attack the step/porch project.  Or maybe we will be using cinderblock steps until it cools down in November.  At least I will be able to proceed with my fence.

I can do it!
I even had time this weekend to putter around my backyard at the house.  All of my plants need to be on the drip system before the end of July so I was consolidating and moving pots around.  5 more days of work before I attack the next project.  Maybe my niece will return to help, maybe not.  Either way, I'm still making progress.


Dobermom said...

Pit of despair. Now that sounds scary under there. I didn't realize you had mosquitos out there. I know they suck, lol. That little dude sure blends in with the rocks.

Daizy said...

We do have mosquitos but they aren't as big or numerous as other places because it is usually dry so they only multiply in dirty pools and places like that. During the monsoons, July, Aug, they are most annoying.