Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekend Progress Report

I managed to get in two full days of work on my mobile home project.  My mother went with me on Friday.  We moved everything out of the back room and finished tearing out the carpet.  The carpet padding was stapled to the floor so my mother worked on the staples while I ripped out the carpet tack strips.  My mother commented that it must feel great to see that room empty but actually I felt a bit uneasy because I didn't know where anything was anymore.

I still have a few bags of trash and recycling to take out.  It will feel good to get one room completely finished so that we can put things back in an organized manner.

On Saturday morning, we went to Home Depot to look at vinyl flooring.  I choose a brown stone pattern and bought a 12' x 12' piece.  I wasn't sure it would fit in the truck but we poked it through the back window and it only hung off the end of the truck by 2'.  My niece finished pulling up the staples, then swept and damp mopped the particle board.  I am going to put plywood in the hallway because the water damage has made the floor wavy.

Then I let me niece loose with a can of primer and she painted the walls, ceiling and floor.  It looks so much brighter in that back room now that the floor and walls are white.  Next time I go out there I will have to paint the edge areas with a brush.

Painting herself in to a corner.
We also trimmed the bushes that were too close to the road so that they don't scratch my shed when it gets delivered (hopefully this week).  I treated the shed area with termite killer which was a bit more complicated since I don't have typical running water.  I had to siphon water from the tank to a bucket and then use the sump pump to give me water pressure for my spray nozzle attachment that measures out the poison. I ran back and forth to the bucket of water a few times because the water from the hose was not as fast as the water going in to the bucket from the siphon.  Eventually, I got it all dispensed and I laid out concrete blocks where the shed skids will go.  I didn't know how many blocks to set out so I expect to have to rearrange them on delivery day.

Today was Easter so I took the day off which was good because I was really tired.  I think I drank the equivalent of 4 Mountain Dews (1 extra large Mt. Dew slushy plus an extra Code Red Mt.Dew later in the day) and I think I finally fell asleep around 3:30am.  Next time I am getting the half Coke and half cherry slushy that only has half the caffeine.  My sister is visiting so I have 3 house guests plus her dog for the week.  I wish I could take the week off and keep working on my property because we are making such great progress but I have to go to my regular job and make some money.  I do hope to take a half day for the shed delivery if everything goes as planned.  I can't wait to see the shed all set up.  It just doesn't seem real yet.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Wow that first picture really looks like a bigger version of Jamals room. You two are hoarders!!lol
Painted into a corner, tee hee!

Dave said...

Did your niece escape from the trap she painted she painted herself into without ending up with white knees, elbows, shorts, footwear, or hands from the wet paint? ;P

Daizy said...

But we threw so much away, Lizzie! Good thing you can't see how much stuff is still in the other 2 rooms.

Daizy said...

Dave, she walked through it but by the time she had finished the walls the floor was pretty much dry. More painting this weekend, I hope!