Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cleaning Up, Inside and Out

I haven't written since Friday?  How time flies.  Saturday I went shopping for supplies and then came home and took a nap because it was hot and I had a sinus headache.  So much for getting a lot of work done.  Sunday was spent doing the chores around the house that I usually do on Saturday and taking another nap.  On Monday, I took my limping foster dog to work because she had a vet appointment at 5.  She had knee surgery 8 weeks ago and she still isn't walking on that leg.  The vet took an xray and said everything looked fine.  She got 2 weeks of anti-inflammatory pills and will have to go back to the vet after that.  Hopefully the dog just needs more time to heal.

I took Tuesday off of work and my mother and niece both went out to my property to help me.  We moved cinder blocks and pavers out of the way so the excavator guy could work on leveling a pad for the shed.  I put one of my old window air conditioners in a window and luckily it still worked because it was very hot.  My mother cut up all of the cardboard boxes in the back room that I had been saving but don't really need.  My niece went through the other room and made a pile to take to the thrift store.  We filled up the truck with trash and recycling and brought it back to my house for the bulky trash pickup which is on Monday.
The future shed area.

A nice level pad for the shed.

The excavator came back on Wednesday and worked all day.  After work I went out to pay him ($1,500 for a day and a half) and I was able to drive my PT Cruiser up and down both roads to my property although I had to be careful because there were some large rocks in the road.  Tomorrow I will walk the road and throw the big rocks off to the side.  I have tomorrow off of work and my mother and I are going back out to continue cleaning and preparing for the shed delivery next week.  I am treating the shed area with termite spray so that my new wooden building won't be a termite buffet, at least, not yet.  When I think of all of the things that need to be done and how few weekends I have left before summer, I start to panic a little but I need to just keep working at it and it will all come together eventually.


thequiltingdoberman said...

I have really been wondering how Sassy was doing?! I hope she starts to use it soon. Sam

Anonymous said...

You should put concrete block under your shed so termite would not get to it. That would change the anchoring method from earth anchor to steel concrete bolts . I wonder if the city still want to do the pull strength test.


Dobermom said...

It looks so beautiful out there. Can't wait to see everything fall in place.

Daizy said...

Thanks, Sam. The vet said she might have to open her knee up again. I don't know what good that will do but I guess it is better than amputation if it works.

Daizy said...

Tom, if you mean concrete footings, that was an option but then I would need a structural engineer to do load calculations for the footings. I'm going to set it on concrete blocks on the ground.

Daizy said...

Thanks, Dobermom, the wild flowers are blooming and it isn't over 100 yet so it is very pretty. At least I have my window AC units so I can keep working through the summer.