Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lists and Delays

I thought I was going to be able to post photos of my new building on my property today but no, there was a scheduling conflict and they are delivering it tomorrow.  I thought it was funny that so many people at work asked me about my building and if it had been delivered yet.  News travels fast.  I am a bit of a curiosity to them.  Some people approve, some people think I am crazy.  Luckily, my boss approves.  I have been asking our electrical engineer about how to do house wiring.  It is my plan to get his advice for the best way to install the electric system, put it in myself, and then bribe him to actually hook it up to live power.  We were discussing how to use my 30amp RV cable as temporary power for an A/C unit and power tools until I get the house properly wired.  This just might be the short cut I need to get me through the summer because I don't have enough time to do everything before my nephew comes back and the weather gets too hot.  I have to prioritize and pick my top 10 projects (or more like top 5).  If I can get temporary electricity hooked up, I can move on to installing gutters and water tanks and building a fence.  So much to do!


Dobermom said...

Sounds like your co-workers are envious. :)
Looking forward to see pics even though I'm sure you'll be busy, busy, busy this weekend.

James said...

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