Thursday, December 18, 2014

Weekday Catch-up

My schedule has been so strange this weekend, I keep forgetting what day of the week it is.  Monday is a blur.  On Tuesday, I could have sworn it was Monday.  On Wednesday, I worked from home and took my mother's car to get an oil change.  I was going to go in to work later but it was raining and it was really nice to be able to work in sweatpants and slippers so I kept working from home all day.  In the evening, I drove out to the shelter to help my friend, who is a dog groomer, groom some of the shelter dogs.  It was fun to be able to help out.

Today I took the morning off to go to the Christmas brunch at my dad's care home.  They had a waffle and omelet bar with a chef who made them to order.  The eggs were holding up the line so I skipped ahead and just ate the waffles.  Dad seemed to enjoy it and there was a big turn out of family members for the residents.  It was good to see people visiting.  Usually, I only see one or two visitors on the weekends.  When I got to work I had 23 missed calls and a ton of emails.  That is one thing I hate about taking time off, it means I have to do twice as much work when I get back.  Tomorrow is the day when everyone will be trying to get their problems off of their desks before they go on vacation.  I am doing my best to solve what I can and to throw the hot potatoes back at other people.  I'm looking forward to a quiet week next week.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

t you need most of all is about two weeks off :)

Daizy said...

2 weeks would be so awesome! I might take the Friday after New Years, then I would have 4 days off at least.