Monday, December 15, 2014

A Little Peace and Quiet

I was so busy, I forgot to post yesterday.  On Saturday, I took my puppies to the adoption event.  I waited for an hour and then decided to take my mother's car to get an oil change.  I thought that it wouldn't be busy since it was raining.  I guess everyone else had the same idea.  There were 8 people ahead of me so I made an appointment for Wednesday and went to Big Lots to use my $5 coupon on toilet paper.  While I was gone I got a text that said both of my puppies were getting adopted.  It seems they have more adoptions when I am not there.  I was planning to go Christmas shopping but it was raining harder and getting colder.  I should have gone home but instead I went back to the pet store to hang out with the dog people.

The next day I took my kittens back to the shelter and picked up a new dog for me and one for a friend.

The house is a lot calmer without the puppies and kittens.  I need the break.  I wish I could take 2 weeks off like so many of my co-workers do but I am too worried that I will need those vacation days later on in the year.  At least the office will be very quiet starting on Friday.  I'm hoping that I can work from home a couple of days too.  That's almost as good as a vacation day. 

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