Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Rare Work From Home Day

Monday morning I woke up and did not want to go to work.  That is pretty normal but, besides the usual reasons for not wanting to go to work, I was trying to figure out how to get one dog and a bunch of cats to a vet appointment at 5pm without having to keep them in my office all day.  I was considering driving home at lunch time and picking them up, that way they would only be at work for 3 hours but its a good thing I didn't try that because it was raining cats and dogs (haha) at lunch time.  Finally, I sent a text to my boss and asked if I could work from home.  I think I have only worked from home 1 1/2 days this year.  He replied "yes" and I was thrilled and then I went back to bed.  Since I didn't have to drive to work I had an extra 30 minutes to sleep in.

After my nap, I tried to log in to the remote desktop on my computer but was blocked because I hadn't done a full computer security scan within the last month.  So, I started that and made breakfast, then checked email, then facebook, then a little Netflix... and finally, the computer scan was complete.  I expected a bunch of urgent work emails but there were only half a dozen.  Maybe next time I work from home I can bring some work home with me so that I have more to do.

I'm really glad that I thought to ask to work from home and that I was able to get my computer connected.  I also had fun watching the backyard fill up with water and running out in the rain to put more plastic storage containers under the eaves to collect rainwater.  I really wish I had my gutters up.  The rain was over by 4pm and I loaded up my truck with cats and one dog and drove across town for their vet appointment.  The kittens got 4 more medicines to help them get better.  Their eyes just refuse to clear up.  These kittens are going to hate me because all I do is torture them with bad tasting medicine and eye and nose drops.

Anyway, I wouldn't be able to work from home everyday because I need to be able to talk to the other people in the office and to look up old paper files and drawings but I am glad that it is an option once in a while.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

I am okay with once in a while but I dont like to work from home too often. Wll actully i would love to but i think not enough actual work gets done!

Dave said...

I worked part-time and from home (mostly) for 27 months in 2001-2003. With the long and awful commute the main reason for my eventual resignation and retirement in 2008 (5 years to the DAY they ended the telecommute, how about that!), I liked a 7.5-second walk to the PC instead of a 75-minute trip on the trains including tunnels under 2 rivers to get to the office.

Raining cats and dogs? You're a hoot, Daizy! Was that connected to the wild weather (dust storm and very heavy rains) in Phoenix lately?

Daizy said...

Me too, Lizzie. I am more efficient in the office but it is fun once in a while. I loved staying in my pajamas and slippers.

Daizy said...

Dave, a 75 minute commute sounds unbearable. At least you weren't driving but still, 7.5 seconds sounds much better. Tucson got 2 inches of rain on Monday and Phoenix got 4 inches in some parts. Phoenix made the news because their pumps quit working and the interstate got flooded. Our interstate doesn't have any low points. I'm glad I live in Tucson rather than Phoenix yet someone died in both Tucson and Phoenix on Monday because of the rain. Those flash floods keep people on their toes and then they are gone. By the afternoon it was sunny and mostly clear.