Sunday, September 7, 2014

Call Me Klutz

On Wednesday, after my dentist appointment, I stopped at the grocery store.  While unloading my groceries from the truck I heard a not-so-nice thump.  I looked down and there was my glass jar of alfredo sauce splattered on the driveway.  The glass jar of spaghetti sauce, also in the same bag, was hanging precariously. Who trained these baggers to put 2 glass jars and a can of soup in one flimsy plastic bag?  I guess this is a perfect example of why I should use reusable bags but I always forget to bring them.  I actually bought 7 reusable bags from the library because I saw an idea on the internet where they use them as fabric pots.  I am still planning to try that idea once I buy a plastic swimming pool (the bags go in the swimming pool so that they can be watered all at once).  Maybe I'll do it for my Fall garden if all of the swimming pools haven't disappeared already.  But anyway, that blob of greasy, glass filled alfredo was really difficult to clean up.

Later in the week, I was putting my lunch in to the microwave at work when I hit the edge of the plate on the shelf that is holding up the microwave.  Guess what happened?  The plate went flying, slid down the crack between the counter and the fridge, and shattered on the floor.  Noodles and ceramic shards everywhere.  So much for lunch.

I decided to lay low this weekend.  I have made it in to bed and nothing else was broken.  Hooray.  The spell is broken.  The beadboard wallpaper that I bought arrived on Friday and I cut some pieces and taped them to the wall in the kitchen and to the front of one of the cupboard doors.  I like it.  I think I've finally made a decision for my kitchen decor.  Now I just have to find the right trim.  That's pretty much all I did this weekend besides the usual cleaning, cooking and pulling weeds.  It rained so I pulled a lot of weeds.

  Tomorrow I have to take my foster dog AND my foster cats to the vet.  I can't figure out how to keep cats at work all day long so I am going to go back home at lunch and pick them up.  Yes, it will cost me for gas but I think that is better than setting up a litter box in my office.  The kittens' eyes still are not better and I don't know if I am doing something wrong or the medicine is not working.  I'll find out soon.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Dont be dropping cats and dogs everywhere!
I have never had my shopping packed for me, except when they have kids in the shop raising money for charity. I think I would be too fussy. No-one but me knows how to do this properly! lol

Daizy said...

They used to have self-check out lines and then they took them away and I don't know why. I would never put two glass jars in the same bag.