Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Bathroom Addition So Far

This bathroom addition is going much slower than I anticipated.  I suppose that we should have discussed a time-line with the handyman but since it is my parents' project I didn't want to be too involved.  The washer and dryer are hooked up temporarily.  An electrician came out last weekend and moved the dryer outlet and the light switch.  The hoses are still hooked together with duct tape and the drain hose leaks so there is a bucket under it.  Hopefully plumbing is next on the handyman's list.

Below is a picture of the breakfast nook as it once was called.  I used it as a dog supply area.  Now it will be our laundry room.  I want to hang a curtain to block it off from the kitchen.  We also want to add a table for folding clothes, shelves and a place to hang clothes.

Here is the beginning of our bathroom which used to be the laundry room.  There is a mop sink in there now and the fancy toilet is still in the box waiting for installation.  I don't know how the shower stall managed to make it through the doorway but it did.  It needs to be raised up a little to hook up the drain.

And here is a big Horse Lubber grasshopper that was on the side of my house this week.  I like them because they are so colorful and I like their name.  

The handyman will be back tomorrow and I hope that he gets a lot done.  I want these areas to be usable again so that everything has a place.  This house is getting too cluttered.  We need some organization around here.


Andrea said...

Yeah I know what its like to have to wait for people to get the job done. My uncle was my families handyman when I was a kid, so since we were family I think he took his sweet time to start and finish the job. Bless his heart. Well at least he gave us a good deal. Anyway hope your bathroom is on the road to recovery!

Daizy said...

They'be been here 2 days and are coming back tomorrow. More progress but still nothing functional. I hope the plumbing is next.