Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Sound Of Time Flying By

How did it get to be Saturday night already? I had a lovely day that was almost relaxing. I got up and fed the dogs at 6:30, did some laundry and cleaning and then took a nice nap with the dogs. I took one dog to Petsmart but unfortunately the woman who wanted to see my dog was expecting a smaller dog. She actually said, "I know the website said he was 25 pounds but I was hoping he was really more like 15." Um, ok. Maybe I should say he is 40 pounds and then everyone will comment on how they thought he would be bigger.

I ran across town to pay my dog sitter because she got a ride home before I arrived home last night. I didn't want to pay her because she did such a horrible job but my dogs were alive so I guess she did her job. I will NEVER hire her again. She sent me a text around 4pm yesterday saying she was leaving in an hour and there was clean laundry on the dryer and the dogs were in the yard with fresh water. That sounded nice...until I got home.

First I noticed that the trash can was outside. That can only mean one thing, it got stinky. I told her to dump the trash in the alley but I guess that was too far to walk. When I opened the door the house smelled like poop. She has closed the dog door for my blind cocker spaniel and of course he had pooped and then walked in it. Lovely. The rest of the house was covered in a fine layer of dirt and pee was everywhere.

I went to the yard to see my dogs and after a few minutes of happy reunion I noticed something odd about the yard. It was under water. She had turned on the faucet full blast to fill up the bucket and then left!!! The water was pouring out of the faucet for 3 hours until I got home. I waded in and shut it off. Then I worked for 2 hours cleaning the floors and other surfaces and doing laundry. I found a dripping wet towel that she had tried to wash with a ripped dog bed. The towel was covered in little balls of dog bed stuffing. I guess she gave up on it and took it out of the wash and left it on the floor. She had plugged in an air freshener next to the bed. Um...if you need to plug an air freshener next to your bed to mask the odors then MAYBE IT'S TIME TO CLEAN!

So, anyway, that was a learning experience. The house still isn't clean. I think I need to mop at least 2 more times.

Tomorrow I will be shopping for groceries for my parents and a few other things that I need for the house. Then I have to set up the beds although I don't have a bed frame for my parents' bed and I was going to raise it up on a piece of plywood and blocks but there is an 80% chance of rain tomorrow so the plywood would get very wet. Perhaps I should just go buy a metal bed frame if I can find one.

I don't think tomorrow is going to be long enough to get all of these things done. I need another day off!


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

oh no, I thought the 15/25lb dog woman was bad until I got to the bit with the dog sitter. Don't pay her, that's just appalling. Of course she wanted to be gone before you got home.

Anonymous said...

If you agreed to pay the dog sitter then maybe you should, however I would have made it clear how appalling her work was ( or lack of)..I certainly would not have driven the payment to her. If she wanted it she could come pick it up.
Better yet you could of told her that when she finished her job by returning to turn off the water, clean the poop off the floor, etc you would then pay her.