Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Days Of The Week

What day is it? I can't keep the days straight when I am not sitting at a desk next to a calendar wishing for Friday. Only one more day and then the long trip home begins and the frantic weekend to get the house ready. One step at a time though. We got the Uhaul truck today and tomorrow we will begin to load. There is still a lot of stuff to pack but my mom has to say yes or no to it all so the process is slow.

We went to Walmart today which is basically the only place to shop in this little town. It was lightly snowing outside and some of the natives were wearing tank tops while I was bundled up in a snow jacket and hat. I forgot to buy headphones for the trip home. I meant to download a movie for the flight here but ran out of time. I tried using the free headphones from the airline to listen to music but they hurt my ears and I couldn't hear anything anyway because I was near the engine. I should download a movie right now while I have the time and maybe I will remember to buy some headphones when we stop at Target on the way to the airport. Now that I put it in writing I will remember, right?

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