Thursday, March 1, 2012

Settling In

Every day I get a little bit more settled in. I still haven't had time to go to the grocery store, cook anything or walk the dogs. I thought I would have time to walk the dogs today but I forgot to take the belly band off one of my dogs this morning (that's his diaper so he won't mark in the house) so when I came home he was in a wet muddy diaper and he smelled like pee. Now that I am in my house and have an abundance of running water at my disposal, I was able to do a load of dog laundry and give him a quick bath. All better!

After feeding the dogs I swept and spot cleaned. I bought a swiffer type mop too which is fantastic for the dog hair. I love having tile floors.

I still haven't told you all about my moving adventures. It was a non-stop stressful weekend. It began when I slept in on Saturday waiting for a call to pick up a bunk bed. That didn't happen so I moved on to the next thing which was to drop off 3 dogs at the adoption event. I stopped by the house with plans to give the dogs a bath beforehand but that didn't work out. The tree trimmers were just finishing up grinding the stumps and he wanted to tell me about all of the problems that they had with their stump grinding machine. I listened politely and then ran off to drop off the dogs. Someone was interested in adopting one of my dogs so I was there a little too long but finally got away to go pick up a recliner from my boss. I got the call about the bunk beds too but I was out of time at that point.

Next chore was the fridge and my initial helpers fell through so the people that I bought it from (off craig's list) were able to help me load it and then I was able to call one of my friends from the adoption event who ran over and we got it in to the house with amazing ease. It is a big fridge but it has wheels so that helped a lot. The previous owners didn't clean it so I spent the evening cleaning it and putting all the shelves back together. It looks great now. Well worth the $150.

After the fridge I had to speed back to the adoption event to pick up my dogs. One of them did get adopted so I was happy. Another friend offered to deliver the dog to its new home which was very nice of her. I dropped the dogs off at the house and then drove out to my old place to get the rest of my dogs and as much stuff as I could throw in to the truck before dark. I made it back with all the dogs and, even though I was exhausted, I settled them in and then unloaded the truck.

The next day my friend helped me load my washer and dryer and then we filled her mini van with more belongings. After unloading all of that stuff I headed out in search of a futon and a toilet. Oh, ya, and in the meantime, I had a dog get returned and I was supposed to take it to a new foster home but it freaked out over their cat so guess who has another dog now? I got my futon and toilet and headed home. I didn't have any help unloading those 2 items but I managed by myself.

On Monday I woke up with a pounding headache from dehydration. I drank some juice and took 2 pills and went back to bed. An hour later I was feeling much better and scurried off to work. I got there early which was a nice surprise. There was a lot less traffic than I had anticipated. I think my commute is around 10 minutes shorter now.

When I got home from work my modem had arrived but I didn't have any signal from my phone jacks. Tuesday I bought the extra long phone cord that you already saw going out my bathroom window. Wednesday I was finally able to pick up the bunk bed. It isn't put together yet. Maybe my parents will want to tackle that job when they get here. Today a coworker brought me 2 bar stools which was fantastic because I didn't have a place to sit and eat yet (I am waiting for my parents to bring their table). Tomorrow I really should go get another load of stuff after work but I know I won't feel like it.

So, now you are all caught up. I'm going to go take a shower in my lovely new shower with lots of hot water and water pressure. I find it hard to take a long shower though. With such great water pressure my hair gets rinsed in about 10 seconds, plus this is hard water (unlike the soft rainwater I was used to) so the soapy feeling doesn't linger. I am definitely enjoying these modern conveniences!


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flower girl said...

congratulations on getting mostly moved in! =D So happy for you!

Daizy said...

Thanks flower girl. A little bit more each day. I brought another truckload tonight and yet there is still so much stuff back at the trailer. I should start giving stuff away.