Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fickle Plumbing And Other News

I forced myself to go get another load of stuff after work yesterday instead of waiting until this morning. I filled my truck and had to leave some behind. I can't believe how much stuff I have. This is really going to take quite awhile to get the mobile home and RV cleared out. But for now I am only taking the essentials since my parents will be coming soon and they will bring their stuff to store at my house until they find a place of their own.

This morning I had to stay at home and wait for my handyman to show up. He is letting me pay him next month for his work so I decided to have him replace the toilet and fix the washer faucets now. Unfortunately, the valve on the main line started to leak so he has to come back to fix that too. The work he did today only cost me $40 for supplies and $70 for labor. That's not too bad. I am thrilled that my washer doesn't leak any more and the new toilet is one of the fanciest I have ever had. It is actually a used toilet. I know not many people would buy a used toilet but it is a Toto brand and they are really good toilets. The toilet was taken from a home that burned down so there are some black marks on the toilet seat lid. I am going to look for one of those fuzzy lid covers for it. The lid is one of those soft closing lids. It goes down slowly as if it has hydraulics. fancy-shmancy.

I got a chance to try out the microwave last night. The popcorn button works very well. No burned popcorn. This morning I cooked up a breakfast burrito on the stove top. The flat top electric stove will take some getting used to. The only thing I haven't tried is the oven...and the dishwasher. I haven't had enough dirty dishes to fill the dish washer. I love the sink. It is so big and I am having fun doing dishes by hand with HOT water that magically comes out of the faucet. I am really enjoying this house and I can't believe I get to stay here for as long as I want. It still feels like I am staying at a hotel.

None of my dogs got adopted today but there is interest in 2 of them so I am hopeful that by the end of the week I will have 2 less dogs.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

It is starting to all come together then. I thought i was the queen of second-hand but pretty sure i have never even seen a second hand toilet! Well done for innovation. Bet you don't tell your parents!!

Dave said...

Things are looking up more and more as you get used to 20th Century innovations LOL!

That is, until you post about your first slithering visitor, a snake!

Daizy said...

Ha ha Lizzie, my mom reads this blog so I think she already knows!

Daizy said...

No snakes Dave! If I see a snake in my yard I'm moving to a tree house next.

Big Sis said...

Wait. Mom and Dad are going to sleep in a bunk bed?

Daizy said...

Bunk beds are all the rage here in AZ. :)