Monday, March 5, 2012

Driving In Circles

Yesterday I did too much driving. I went out to my old place and picked up some kennel panels and then brought them back and dragged them in to the yard. Then I drove across town and picked up my dog sitter because I am going to help my parents pack and she is going to watch my dogs. My dog sitter has 3 dogs of her own so we wanted to be sure they would all get along. It went well so I drove her back across town. That was 2 hours of driving just to pick her up and take her back home and 1 hour to pick up the panels. 3 hours of driving and I'm still in Tucson!

Tomorrow I have to do more driving because someone wants to meet my rottweiler. I am bringing her to work with me and then after work we are driving to the other side of town to meet their dogs. Hopefully they want to keep her because I really want to have less dogs before my parents get here. Someone wants to meet my terrier later this week. That would only leave me with my 2 dogs, 1 foster dog and 1 blind cocker spaniel. That would be a lot easier. I'm going to be really busy trying to get my parents moved and then we have to find a car to buy and a place for them to rent. Hopefully it all goes smoothly. I'm just taking one step at a time.

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