Saturday, March 24, 2012

Car Hunting Day

I do not like car shopping. My first vehicle was bought from a friend of a friend. It was the only one I looked at. My second vehicle was also bought from a friend of a friend. It was the second one that I looked at. I want a car to magically appear so that my parents can buy it.

The temperature today was in the mid-eighties, not exactly car shopping weather. It was hot. The cars were hot. I went alone to scout out the inventory at the dealerships. I forgot where the first place was and gave up 5 seconds before I would have found it. I ended up stopping at a random Honda dealership and they said they didn't have anything for under $6k. I moved on to the next place and the salesman was very helpful and scoured the lot for something close to what I wanted. Unfortunately, the closest vehicle was a Kia Optima, 2004 for $6k. It was a nice mid-sized 4 door sedan with low miles but when he added the taxes and fees the total came to $8k. That's a bit more than they were hoping to pay.

Tomorrow we might call some craig's list ads. Perhaps we will find a nice car for sale close by. I'm tired of driving. Their rental car goes back on Monday so either we find a car tomorrow or we will have to get used to the togetherness of my small truck.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I am exactly the same. I am happy to drive whatever I have and the situation of replacing a car is avoided for as many years as i can manage. I think i dont like the idea that i might buy something which is a disaster on wheels. So good lck!

Tessie said...

Carmax? I have bought cars there, and been happy with them. I hate car shopping, too.

Daizy said...

I was ready to buy the first car we saw just so I could quit looking. I looked up Carmax but they don't seem to have anything cheap enough. The dealer told me that they sell the older cars at auction because they can't make as much money off them.