Thursday, March 22, 2012

Living With The Parents

I am finding it very hard to find time to blog since my parents are here. I mean, usually I write this blog so that my mom knows what I am doing but now she knows what I am doing because she is right here I am in my room hiding and writing about her. She doesn't have her computer set up yet (in fact I haven't seen it yet but it must be in one of these boxes) so she won't be reading this for a while.

Their arrival on Monday was stressful. The plane was late, her cell phone died, they rented a mini van and those 2012 models are a lot different than anything she is used to driving. We did make it home in one piece but it was much later than planned. I showed them around and then I went to bed and left them drinking tea at 11pm.

The next day their stuff arrived and the movers had it all unloaded in to my living room by the time I got home. Surprisingly, their stuff did not fill up my living room like I had expected. We are still able to sit on the couch and there is a little trail through the boxes to get from one side to the other. My little step down is a problem for my dad. I don't know how many times he has almost tripped but I hear comments about it when I get home. I put the ramp that I bought at one step and piled boxes so that the entryway is narrower. On the other end I put a baby gate. Hopefully that will keep everyone from tripping.

My parents have been very helpful around the house. Yesterday they were sweeping the driveway for me and today my mom was repairing dog beds. How nice it is for work to get done while I am away. We even took the dogs for a walk today and looked for houses for sale in the neighborhood. There aren't very many for sale. I am surprised. Most that are listed are already under contract. They aren't sure where they want to buy a house but it would be convenient if they were close.

The dogs are sharing my bedroom and hanging out in half of the yard. I put the puppy fence in my bedroom so that the dogs have half of the room and access to the dog door in the sliding door. I had a few escapees at first but I attached the fence to a shelf on one side and a dog crate on the other and today there were no escapes. They can sleep on their own beds during the day. I don't want them playing around on my bed when I'm not there.

I really need to take some pictures so that you can see what I am talking about. Anyway, so far so good. Buying a car with my parents is the next thing on the agenda. Hopefully we can accomplish that on Saturday and then I really need to do my taxes!

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Anonymous said...

It is all coming together, in more senses than one.