Friday, January 13, 2012

Moving Around

My coworker stopped by my office today and told me she had just had a full price offer on her house. I didn't even know she had listed it yet. Last week she was fretting over repainting the trim and staging it to look pretty. I tried to tell her that her house was very pretty already especially compared to what I have seen out there but she didn't believe me. She priced her house comparable to other short sales in her neighborhood but she plans to pay off the difference at closing from the proceeds of some investments. She said that she didn't want to do a short sale since she was able to pay and felt that it was unethical to not pay. That is very admirable.

Anyway, she listed it on Monday and now she has a full price offer and she has no house to move to so she is freaking out a little. She thought that she would be waiting months for a buyer. The good homes really do go quickly. I hope she finds a home to move to or at least to rent. Sounds like they will be moving soon. I mentioned that they could stay in the boss's house since he is out of town most of the time but turns out he is going to sell his house too. There must be something in the water. Three of us in the office are either selling or buying or both.

I still don't know when my closing date is. My realtor was going to ask for Feb. 15th. That is later than I hoped for but if that is what it takes to get my mortgage paperwork together then I guess it will have to be. We have to see if the buyer and other banks will agree to that. I hope they do because I am tired of worrying about it.


Anonymous said...

Daizy, could you make an aerial map of your new property in context? Are there houses on all sides, as well as across the street? Will it have a different feel to it, living there, as compared with your current home which I have the impression has a lot of vacant land around it?

Daizy said...

It will be completely different than where I am now. Where I live now everyone has at least an acre and most have 3 acres. I'm moving to the suburbs. The particular house only shares one wall with one neighbor just by luck. Usually the homes have a neighbor on each side. My house has an alley on one side and one the back. Across the street is an undeveloped lot that my realtor just noticed is owned by the school district. Maybe it will be a school one day or maybe it will just get sold and more houses built. I will try to remember to post a map.