Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another Week Begins

I suppose the banks have tomorrow off so I won't hear any updates on my mortgage progress. I don't have tomorrow off so I will be staring at my computer all day. The HVAC guy will be out to the house to try and diagnose the furnace and cooler. Hopefully it is nothing serious.

None of my dogs got adopted this weekend. I did find out that my foster terrier does not like hats that look like animals. A little girl was wearing a hat that had panda ears and a face and my dog growled. Later when I was delivering donated pet food, one of the people's daughters was wearing a similar hat so she went up to the truck and my dog barked and growled again. Silly dog.

I am dog sitting a small batch of 4 puppies and I wanted to get them a better quality puppy food so someone suggested that I stop by the pet store where others have picked up donations before. It was on my way to the vet so I stopped and asked and expected to get one or two bags. They filled up the back of my pickup with dog and cat food as well as cat litter and dog treats. I was amazed. All of the items were either damaged or out of date food. I kept a few bags and gave the rest to the other foster people in our group. The food is high quality grain-free varieties so I mixed it with my current puppy food so that the change wouldn't be too sudden and cause digestive problems.

This week is starting off with a light rain, just enough to make my dogs have muddy paws. By the end of the week it should be very nice in the 60's. I love this weather. Too bad I am stuck in the office most of the week.


Me said...

OMG - are they German Shepherd puppies? So cute!

Daizy said...

Best that we can guess they are Aussie/Kelpie or something like that. Mom is 30 pound black and tan color like these guys. There are 4 other siblings at another house and one is blue merle long hair, brown merle long hair, a white and brown spotted and a chocolate and light brown with markings like these. I picked all of the black and tan puppies of the group because I like that color.

Me said...

Well done. I admire you for helping these guys find their forever homes!