Monday, January 30, 2012

The Dog Problem

Do you remember this dog? She was my foster dog a year ago and ate my floor, recliner, rug, dog beds, you name it, she ate it. I wish I had green apple spray back then. It might have helped but then again, I would have had to mop the floor with it.

She (thankfully) went to a new foster home and then got adopted but a couple of months ago she got returned to the foster home. Now they don't know what to do with her because she still has many annoying habits including chewing inappropriate things, barking, aggressive play that turns in to fighting with other dogs, digging, and jumping on people. I feel partly responsible for her since I was the one who rescued her from death at the urging of the person in charge of the rescue group.

She would be a good dog for an energetic person who likes to run and could drain all of her energy everyday and be consistent with obedience training. We haven't been able to find that person yet. I thought up an idea yesterday to help get her adopted. We could get a dog cart and teach her to pull it then get it on video. Who wouldn't want to adopt a fun dog who can pull a cart? Dog carts cost $400 online but I was thinking that I could get one of those garden carts from Home Depot for $100 and then hook up 2 lengths of PVC pipe to link the cart with the dog harness. I have a dog harness already and I have a Halti collar too so she wouldn't take off running (hopefully).

I think it is a brilliant idea. Now I just need $100. My first impulse is to run out and buy it but with my house closing coming up I really should wait. I suppose buying a dog cart isn't the highest thing on my priority list (but it would be fun!). I'd better wait until next month and see if I have any money left over.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Surely if you get people to take the dog because he is cute and pulls a carts they will just bring him back when they find he is a big bitey bundle of energy?

Daizy said...

haha...well the idea was to show people how useful she could be and how she could use her energy for good instead of destruction! A tired dog is a good dog! Good news though. She got a new foster home today where she is the only dog and the person can take her to training classes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's so rare I'm not quite sure it should be wasted on her!

Fer said...

to that person that said "wasted" ?????? is never a waste of ANYTHING when it comes to helping a dog! she already saved her once from death row a cart is too much to try? agh!!
Daizy, never give up, you put so much time (and furniture) on this girl, she obviously needs you to become a better dog. why don't you start a chipin ( to help raise money to build (I don't know her name) Mrs. troublemaker a pushing cart. dogs need exercise and mental stimulation I use hide and find food for my dogs (small baby carrots or cheese) I put them in the kitchen hide the carrots all over the house and keep one in my hand, when I let them out of the kitchen I made them smell and tell them: go find!

Anonymous said...

You're awesome Daizy! (Unlike the February 2nd commenter)

Daizy said...

She went to a new foster home the day after I posted this. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to make my dog cart experiment but her new foster home has experience with big energetic dogs so the woman said this dog was a piece of cake so far. I hope I keep hearing updates. I would love to hear her progress.