Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Week Closer

How did it get to be Sunday already? Only 2 1/2 weeks until I get my new house and then the real craziness begins. I've been going to adoption events every Saturday trying to get my dogs adopted before I move but it has been pretty slow (pretty slow for my dogs, our groups got 8 adoptions on Saturday which is an outrageously good day). I did get one little puppy adopted on Saturday. He will go to his new home on Wednesday after he gets his rabies shot. My old cocker spaniel is back. He was having some bowel issues and he got returned. The other foster home that was keeping him said he wasn't doing well at their house so I took him back. He is sweet. He sleeps a lot. I suppose he will just be mine until he dies.

The window in the house is fixed and I hope that is the last issue until closing. My co-worker who sold her house in 6 days, put in an offer on a house that she only saw on the internet and it was accepted. That was fast. She is using a mortgage broker and they say they can do the mortgage fast so that the closing on the 2 houses are on the same day. I think I should have used a mortgage broker. Of course, she is only at the beginning of the process so I will wait and see if she has any problems. I didn't even consider a mortgage broker since I really didn't know what they could do for me and they have had bad press with the whole real estate collapse.

The weather here has been great and in the 70's. Today it was windy and I had a sinus headache but I didn't have anything I had to get done so I could clean, take a nap and watch my kitchen remodel show. I'm out of shows to watch so now I will have to pick something else. Maybe bathroom remodel? The gold fixtures in the master bath are pretty awful. I think I will try painting them and see what happens.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Ha, ha, did i notice a bit of wishing time away at the top of the post there? So difficult to avoid. Hope it all goes well but its all starting to be pretty positive.

Daizy said...

I am always guilty of that, especially on Sunday evenings when the whole week of work is looming ahead. sigh.

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