Friday, December 16, 2011

Quiet Time

It's that time of year again. The time when I send out an email at work to many recipients and get back automated responses telling me they are on vacation for the next two weeks. It is going to be a very quiet end of the year. Our Mexico plant closes for vacation on Wednesday and half of the people in our US plants seem to be taking vacation for at least a few days. And for those who have been with the company since high school (yes, we have quite a few of those) and have a boat load a vacation days, they will most likely disappear for a few weeks except for the work-a-holics who just can't stay away that long. My boss is leaving on Monday so that means I can just roll out of bed and go to work in my pajamas if I want to. I wouldn't do that...maybe a sweatshirt and jeans though.

I think all but one of my dogs has learned how to use the new dog door. My little terrier still doesn't like it but he will do it if he has to. I haven't seen my scared dog try it on her own yet. I wonder if she just stays inside all day and looks longingly out the window at everyone else. Since I didn't get the door panel that blocks off the door for nighttime, I tried to make my own. My cardboard version only lasted 1 day. My vinyl tile version lasted 2 days. Next I will see if my extra wall paneling is thin enough to use. I think that would work. I would just need to get out my circular saw to cut it. That is an annoying chore that I will put off for a while. Maybe I will tackle it during my up coming long weekend. I'll put it on my list right after fix the shower faucets, repair the stairs, move the washing machine in to the mobile home and set up a water system for it, and build a snake barrier around the yard. Ok, I think I am being a little too optimistic. For the time being I am removing the dog door every night and closing the sliding door. Inconvenient yes but it works. No dogs running in and out all night and keeping me awake.

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