Thursday, December 15, 2011

A New Look

My newest scruffy dog got a haircut and a bath today. I think he cleaned up rather well. Maybe he will get adopted this Saturday. I have someone who wants to come and meet him already. If only he wasn't so jumpy. He doesn't seem to have any training. I am trying to teach him 'sit' but he isn't the smartest dog in the bunch.

Work was really slow today. People have been bringing in holiday food and peppermint bark seems to be a popular choice this year. It is quite good but I am eating too much of it.

Only one more day and a week until my 4 day weekend. That doesn't really seem long enough for a holiday since I usually have 10 days off. I might take an additional day off but I am trying to save my newly earned 3 weeks vacation for as long as possible. Usually I use 1 week right away at Christmas and then I only have one week to stretch over the entire year. This year I have 5 extra days. I hope they make the year a little easier.


Dave said...

I recall when I first got that third week of vacation time I began to tack on a day or two to the week between Christmas and New Years. This was in the early 1990s. I began to like that more and more (and I was not going out of town for a week or more earlier in the year most years so I had the days to use this way).

I sometimes had a few ectra days beyond that and rolled them into the following year which was nice, too.

By 2000, I picked up a 4th week of vacation so I was awash in paid days off. But in 2001 I switched to part-time work so I lost some days on a prorated basis. Then again, I had much more free time so I still came out ahead.

You seem to be busy with a lot of personal stuff lately, from the doggies to home and vehicle maintenance to trying to buy a new place to live, so I hope you will use those days well and productively. Or not LOL!

Daizy said...

Oh to be awash in paid days off! That will never happen for me. A coworker suggested that I save all 3 weeks to roll over for next year. that was a very depressing thought. I would much rather look forward to having an extra day or two at my disposal. Even the thought of it makes next year seem a little more tolerable.