Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paying For Convenience

I got to the auto shop on time today which is impressive for me. I am usually late for everything. they took my truck right away since I was the first customer and got started. I patiently waited for my ride and sent her a text just to make sure she was on her response. I waited another 5 minutes and called her cell. No answer. I called her desk. No answer. I sent a text to my boss telling him I would be late and that I thought my coworker forgot me. No answer. I waited some more. I sent a text to another coworker who always has his phone handy. Still no answer. I was beginning to think that everyone took the day off. After 30 minutes I decided that I might as well just wait for my truck to be done.

Finally I got a text that said my coworker was on her way. Turns out my boss called a meeting at 8 and it ran late plus she did forget about me. After the meeting she walked by my dark office and thought 'I wonder why she isn't here yet...oh no! I forgot to pick her up!'. 45 minutes later she picked me up. Luckily my boss thought it was funny so he wasn't mad that I was late and didn't make me make up the time. He even brought me back to pick up my truck at lunch so that was very nice of him.

The other coworker that I had sent a text to finally replied and he had taken the day off and was hiking in the mountains with his girlfriend and dogs. It certainly was a nice day for hiking. Not such a nice day for hanging out in at the mechanics.

The alignment was only $50 which I thought was very reasonable. I asked them if they changed belts too because my serpentine belt has been squealing when it rains or is humid for years now. I carry around belt dressing (like salad dressing for belts) to make it quiet but lately that hasn't done the trick. When I went to California for Thanksgiving it squealed the entire time. They said that they only did brakes and alignments but then they called back later and said that they could replace the belt. They quoted me $70 for the belt which is double the cost and $70 for labor which is standard. I told them to go ahead and do it because it was really annoying and anywhere else was going to charge me the same amount plus the truck was already there so I wouldn't lose anymore time. Whew....$200. At least it is done and I had a pleasant and QUIET ride home. It was worth the money just for that.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Good that it turned out okay but how can anyone offer and then forget? I hope she doesnt look after any kids or dogs

Daizy said...

I know! The only reason I made the appointment is because she offered. I thought maybe they wanted me out of the office or something.