Thursday, December 8, 2011

Everyday Things

I keep coming back to my blog every day and trying to think of something to write. Work has been busy and I am just taking it one day at a time. No news on my short sale house and I don't think I will ever have enough money for my back up plan which was to build a garage and block wall fence on my property. When I add in the cost of moving the electrical service and probably having to dig a new septic system, the costs get too high. At this point my only back up plan seems to be buying a manufactured home because they will finance it. I hope my house comes through so that I don't have to implement plan B...or C.

I've been trying to get my Christmas shopping done in between the rest of my duties. I know what to get half of the people but the other half have left me clueless. I hate to do it but it will just be cash or gift cards if I wait too long. I suppose that is better than a gift they don't want but it isn't as much fun to give as an actual gift they really want.

One more day of work and then Saturday is our company dinner. I bought a new top a few months ago to wear. Too bad I didn't buy new black shoes. I do this every year. I have the top, try on a skirt (hate it), try on black pants, look for shoes, and wonder if I should wear my old flats or my stiff burgundy heels. I usually go for the flats and hope no one looks at my feet. One of these days I will buy new black shoes. Maybe next year.

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