Monday, December 5, 2011

Chill In The Air

22 degrees tonight. I tried to cover my Ironwood tree with a trash bag to protect it but it was like trying to put a porcupine in a bag. I should have just cut open the bag and wrapped it around. Well, it survived last year's freeze so hopefully it will survive this year too.

I got up this morning and went over to the RV to get ready for work. It was only 35 degrees in there. I started 2 heaters and sat in front of one until it got into the 50's so I could get ready without shivering. I decided to leave the thermostat on 55 so that the RV pipes won't freeze and so I won't have to wait so long for it to warm up in the morning.

In the mobile home I pulled out my oil filled radiator and set it up in the corner that is blocked off from the dogs. It kept the living room at 60 degrees. The sun usually does a good job of warming up the mobile home through the sliding glass door. Gotta love that passive solar heating.

The truck windows were all iced over this morning. I have a tiny plastic scraper that I use once or twice a year. I could have just poured water on them. I forgot about that. It's been a while since I had to deal with ice.

My pipe that froze and cracked last year is wrapped in insulation. I put a tarp over the whole water tank and pipe as added protection. I hope I don't have any water problems this time. Losing 200 gallons last year really put me in a tough spot.


Dave said...

Wow, you sure have some wild temperature changes there in the desert. You go from 80 degrees one day to below freezing the next. Here in New York, we had one of the warmest Novembers on record, with daytime temps between a comfortable 55 and 65 most days, about 10-15 degrees above normal. Now in early December, we remain that way. I can't believe I am still wearing my light jacket and short sleeve shirts at night.

If you are able to buy a house, that wil take care of all your makeshift remedies for the cold temps, right?

Daizy said...

Wow, that is amazing for NY in December. I am used to seeing it buried in snow on the news. The house I am trying to get has ducted heating so, yes, no more space heaters if I get it.

444 said...

I am afraid we are in for a whopper of a winter. I have no evidence of that, but like Dave said, it's unseasonable here in the Northeast (or high South or Mid-Atlantic or whatever Maryland is - we don't even know.)

It's been like December in Georgia or Florida. He's right - short sleeves and a sweater or light jacket. The heat has hardly run. I'm wearing the heavy wool socks and fleece pajamas because that's just traditional for December but I keep noting temps of 70 degrees in the house and feeling silly.

Daizy said...

444, I hope the blizzards don't hit at Christmas and New Years. I always feel sorry for all those stranded travelers.