Monday, December 12, 2011

Deferred Maintenance

I left the door closed so that the dogs would have to use the new dog door if they wanted to go in the front yard. I think only 3 dogs used the door. Even when I got home I had to coax the other 3 out of the opening. They are such fraidy-dogs. It was good that they all didn't go outside today though because it rained and I wasn't expecting it to rain until tomorrow. I am thrilled that I didn't have rain coming inside like I used to have when I left the door open. This new dog door is great.

My boss said that I looked nice at the dinner on Saturday. I wanted to say that everyone looks better in a dimly lit room but I didn't. A coworker's husband said that my truck needs an alignment. I know he is trying to be helpful but I HATE car maintenance with a passion. I know my truck needs work. There are 3 main reasons why I put off maintenance...1) it costs money. 2) I don't have a reliable place to take it and every time I take it somewhere I get told by someone at work that I got ripped off. 3) I don't have the time to take it in because I am working during the week and I need my truck on the weekend.

Anyway, my coworker said that she would give me a ride back to work so I made an alignment appointment at a place she recommended. I hope they do a good job and aren't too expensive. The last place she recommended didn't turn out too well.

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