Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still Looking For That Special House

I am still receiving real estate updates but nothing has caught my attention enough to make me want to run out and see it. Yesterday there was a fixer-upper in one of the areas that I like but I know those houses have detached laundry rooms and I really, really don't want that. If I need to do laundry late at night or retrieve laundry from the dryer I definitely don't want to have to go outside. There was another house in the notification that I received today. It could be interesting but it isn't in my first or second choice areas. I think I will just be patient and keep watching for something that I really like.

On the way home today I saw a big rattlesnake going across the dirt road and down in to the wash. That is the wash where I walk my dogs, of course, I haven't been walking them lately because it is too hot. There is another lady who has 4 or 5 big dogs and she takes them up and down that wash off leash. I hope they don't run in to that snake.

On a different topic, that power outage in San Diego and neighboring areas is really wild. It is amazing how much we rely on electricity for our basic daily needs. No lights, air conditioning, refrigeration, just to name a few. I have relatives in San Diego. I hope they are ok and that the power comes back on soon.

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