Friday, September 9, 2011

High Hopes This Weekend

This weekend is a national pet adoption weekend for the store where we usually bring our dogs so we are having two events, one on Sat. and the other on Sun. As much as I would like to stay home and do nothing this weekend, I would also like to get some dogs out of here and in to new homes sooo...I'm going to try to go both days. If I don't get any adoptions I will be very sad so I am hoping for the best.

We had some rain tonight with lots of thunder and lightning. I hope my downspouts didn't fall away from the gutters. I have plenty of room for more rainwater and the Summer rains are almost over. I bought 4 more water filters from Amazon today. They cost $16 a piece at the hardware store but only $10 a piece on Amazon so I bought 4 to stock up. They have really worked well. My water doesn't smell like a pond any more.

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