Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Property Tax Time

I read in the paper that property tax bills were being sent out. I was wondering why I hadn't seen mine yet and then I thought, hmm, maybe that's because I haven't picked up my mail recently. I stopped at the mail box tonight and all 3 property tax bills were waiting for me. There are 2 for my property and one for my house. All together they are around $3,100. Yikes. That's a lot. I can pay half now and half in 6 months or pay all by December. I think I will pay all. Who knows what the future will bring. I should pay them now since I do have the money. If I end up buying a house I will need money for repairs and then I will be eyeing that money if it is in my account.

My boss was talking about his retirement today. I asked him when that will be and he said in 9 years. I said I was going to retire in 9 years too. I don't know if I will really make it 9 years, that sounds like a long time, but my boss doesn't care what I do after he is gone so we can chat about retirement plans without it being weird. He is planning to move to North Carolina and have a mini farm. That sounds like too much work to me. Chickens are not in my plans. I had enough of chickens when I was a kid.

Anyway, we had lots of rain tonight. Hopefully my downspout did not fall over and my tanks are full now. One tank was already full. They say this is the last of the Summer rains. That last storm knocked down trees and power poles outside my office. I'm glad I didn't get those violent winds. It probably would have ripped my garage roof off. I need to re-attach some of the metal roof panels as soon as I get some time. Maybe next month.


Dave said...

I am always stunned at how low property taxes are outside of the NYC metro area. I pay about $3,000 per year in property taxes for a studio apartment in my co-op. Yes, the total property owned by my co-op includes 4 buildings, surrounding land, and our pool. And I do receive a state rebate for about $1,000. But still, if someone here owned what you own, his property taxes would be well over $10k.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

You have been busy in my absence! I was okay with the rain, smelly houses and dog pee everywhere but really, really don't like the whole snake thing.
What does property tax cover? We have council tax which is £135 per month and covers the police,fire service, rubbish, street lights, education etc. Its quite a lot of money but i get quite a lot for my money. In Greece I paid my annual electricity bill of 122 euro, which includes the council tax! Bargain!!

Daizy said...

Dave, I guess I am lucky but it always seems like a lot to me.

Daizy said...

Welcome back Lizzie! I glanced at my taxes and it said fire (even though I am outside the district), library, public schools, nothing that I use a lot but I guess I am glad it is there in case I ever needed it.