Monday, September 12, 2011

Puppy Math 5-2+1

Aaaand she's back. I didn't even make it out of the house this morning before the phone rang. She whined all night, she peed in the house, she tore up the place, she stained the carpet....yes, she's a puppy. What did they expect? Oh well, I went and got her at my lunch break and she was very good in the office. I took her out to use the bathroom every two hours and she did. Then she played with her bone, ate a snack and went to sleep. She just didn't like going from living with a dog pack to being all by herself. It takes time to adjust. Hopefully the next home will have a dog friend for her and give her more time to settle in.

I didn't hear from the other puppy's new home. That is usually a good sign. The other puppy was more people oriented already since she had been sick and spent 3 days at work with me. She was playing with toys when I left her so I think she will have an easier time fitting in to her new home than her sister did.

I am already looking forward to this Saturday when I can bring more puppies to get adopted. If I can get one adopted every Saturday they will be gone very soon. I'm am looking forward to a calmer house.


Anonymous said...

Hope there are more negative numbers in your near future (and due to finding good homes obviously).

Daizy said...

Me too! Especially the puppies. They are getting big and rambunctious.