Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Greening Of The Desert

More rain and hail today. I always think it is strange when we get large hail in the Summer. Some of those ice chunks were half an inch in diameter. I am dog-sitting for a week and when I brought the dog home today it started to rain and hail. We hid in the RV until it slowed down and then went over to the mobile home. The dogs were jumping and barking like crazy and, of course, the ground was all muddy. My clothes and shoes got all dirty.

Well, at least I have plenty of water to wash them. My tanks are almost full but I haven't filled up my jacuzzi this year. The jacuzzi cover disintegrated so storing water in it isn't very practical until I fix it. I think I would rather buy another used water tank if I am going to be out here for much longer.

Still no luck on a house. Everyday I get updated of lowered prices and new listings. I saw one last night that looked interesting but my realtor said that it is a short sale and the $75K listing price is not approved by the bank which means an offer probably won't be accepted. Gee, why do they even list the house then? I guess the bank will just foreclose and re-list the house later on.

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