Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Wild Life

This morning my friend dropped off 9 dogs and we got them all situated in crates in the RV for the little ones, the dog run for the trouble makers and the front yard for the rest. Shortly after the lady left, one of the dogs comes running around outside the fence. I was able to catch the dog and then I put it in a crate in my RV. I had to go to work so I grabbed my dog and left. A few hours later the lady came and got them and none had escaped so I was relieved.

Time went by fast today, I am not sure why. When I got home I changed my clothes in the RV and then my little dog and I went out to go to the dog house when he ran under a nearby tree. He kept running from different directions like he was trying to get close to something. I looked closer and saw a Gila Monster.

It was relatively small, around 10 inches long. I have never seen one so close to the RV. I called off my dog and luckily he was bored with the slow moving lizard and came to me.

That was the excitement for the day. After that I swept and mopped the floor and tried to raise my standard of living farther away from "disgusting" and more towards "satisfactory". If I can walk in bare feet then the floor is clean. Some days it takes a lot of work to get it back to that level when I am gone for 10 hours for work. Luckily, I have lots of water right now so I can use my mop with wild abandon.

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