Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Still No Vacancy

Well, I took my foster dog to work and the first person to see him decided he was too big to be a playmate for their poodle. Then I contacted the second people, a mother and son, who were interested and they were able to make it to my work before 5. They really liked him but the son wanted his wife to meet the dog before he brought it home so he is going to bring her to the adoption event on Saturday. I was kind of hoping someone would take him home today.

Oh well, having a dog at work made the day go a lot faster. I even got some work done. Some good news for me...my tenants paid their rent so I am eagerly checking my bank account for a deposit. Yay!


Dave said...

Congrats on finally getting the rest. The month is nearly over, so will those tenants pay their September rent on time (in a little more than a week)?

If your tenants get assessed any late charges, who gets to keep those fees, you or the management company (or do you split them)?

Do you ever get an explanation for why your tenants keep paying the rent so late?

BTW in case you are wondering, I am fine here after that freaky earthquake earlier today. The media goes all nutty even though it was basically a big nothing here, 300+ miles away from the epicenter in Virginia.

Daizy said...

Good to know you survived, Dave. I hope repairing our monuments doesn't take up too much tax payer money. I suppose it will create a few jobs though, at least temporarily.

The management company gets the fees. that's fine with me. More incentive for them to keep track of the renters. No, they never told me why the rent is late. I hope they catch up with the 1st of the month soon. I don't like waiting until the end. It's better than no rent though.