Monday, August 22, 2011

Back To The Grind

It was so quiet at work today. I actually started organizing my desk. I hope tomorrow is just as quiet so that I can finish the organizing. I have a really big stack of papers to file. I am bringing a dog to work so that will liven things up a little bit. Some people want to meet him at 9. I have someone else interested in him too so I think he will be adopted one way or another by the end of the week.

I found another house to look at. If it is still available next Sunday I will go look at it and at the smelly house. Maybe another new one will appear this week. It seems like one new listing shows up every week. Or maybe someone will reduce their price so that is shows up in my search. I've already increased my search to $90k. I'm not going any higher. I would prefer a house more close to $80k.

Some of my current dogs have been busy tearing up my vinyl floor. I have been nailing down peel and stick tiles wherever they make a hole but tonight I ran out of tile. I'm going to have to buy more boxes next Saturday. If this keeps up much longer I am going to have the whole floor covered in peel and stick. Unfortunately I have been jumping around from hole to hole so the tiles aren't exactly even. I'm going to have to do a lot of cutting to make them all fit together. Oh well, at least none of the dogs have been able to eat the peel and stick.

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