Sunday, August 21, 2011

Same Old Routine

It is Sunday night again and I am mourning the end of my weekend. Only 2 more weeks until my 3 day weekend. There is so much to do around here just to make it through the day. I haven't had a lot of rain. The northwest side of town got a lot of rain. My tanks are half full. I tried to fill up my RV water tank tonight and the outlet pipe snapped off. There's another project to add to my list. I think my hose will reach all the way to my RV so I will just have to fill it up the slow way next week. I don't use a lot of water in my RV. Mostly just to wash my hands and maybe a quick shower every so often.

I gave my old cocker spaniel a shower tonight with the medicated shampoo that I bought for him. I think I wasted a week's worth of water trying to keep him from jumping out before he was rinsed. I still haven't decided what I will do if I haven't bought a house before my water supply runs out. I guess I will just have to pay the $120 for water delivery. It would be nice to have more tanks though so I can get the maximum amount of water. I did 3 loads of laundry too. It sure is great to have clean laundry. All of the dog laundry got done too. Sometimes it just gets too much like a dog house around here. I have to reclaim my territory. I even washed the rugs and my pillows. After I take out the trash tomorrow it will be even better.

I'd better get to sleep, it's almost 11. Maybe this is why I am so tired at work!

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