Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not Cheap Enough

One of the houses that I was considering got reduced today from $82k to $77k. I think it was a good buy at $82k and I am very surprised that it hasn't sold yet. I think one of the big problems is that there are no inside pictures on the internet and the house isn't very pretty from the outside. People probably assume it is too ugly to even take pictures. The opposite is true, however. It has been remodeled inside. I love the bathrooms and kitchen.

There are a few reasons that I haven't jumped at it though. They turned the garage in to an extra room so there is no covered parking outside. I would love a garage. They put laminate wood floors in most of the house. One of my friends just had her laminate floors eaten by her dogs. Oops! I don't want that to happen. I am looking for tile. The fence is block on 2 sides but the back is only wood and the front gates are flimsy. I want block all around and a sturdy RV gate.

Those are the biggest things. It is a nice house just the way it is. I am sure someone will buy it soon. I am actually sad that it is still vacant. I think it would cost me $20k to do all of the changes that I want. I'll keep watching it but I doubt it will go low enough to tempt me.


KoBold said...

Keep watching though.

Unknown said...

I am stunned by how cheap property is there

Anonymous said...

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Daizy said...

KoBold, I will definitely keep watching. There isn't much else to watch.

Daizy said...

Frugal Queen, do I sound spoiled because I want the prices to go even lower? Haha. I do think some of these prices are so cheap! If only I could find another house like the first one I liked. I would snap it up!

SecondCor521 said...

Sometimes I find myself wondering why you don't kick out your renters and move into the home you own. I don't read your blog every day, but it seems on the surface to not be a terrible idea: You'd get rid of your troublesome renters and the anxiety over late rent, you wouldn't have to fix up another house, you wouldn't have to get another mortgage. Have you taken a look to see what kind of situation that would put you in? Maybe you could cut back to part time or something since you'd only have food/utilities/dog stuff...?

Daizy said...

Second,there are so many reasons...small yard, HOA, very close houses, scary neighborhood in my opinion. The possibility of getting rent from my renters is a much better incentive.