Monday, August 15, 2011

Nap Time Yet?

Another lovely Monday has passed by. It didn't start off well. I was greeted by a puddle of pee at the foot of my bed. That has never happened before. I shooed all of the dogs outside except for my old cocker spaniel, got out my new mop, filled up a bucket with water and lysol and mopped the whole floor. It sure is nice to have water. Too bad it isn't going to last very long. My water tanks are only half full. They should be over-flowing by now.

The work day went by slowly. I had trouble concentrating on my work. It may have had to do with the sinus pill I took for my headache. I wish I could take a short nap at work. It would make the rest of the day a lot easier. Instead I fought my drowsiness and tried to keep my mind on my task.

I did take a minute to investigate a website that I found out about yesterday. Some of the houses go to auction if they don't sell and one house had just gone there. The house had been listed as a short sale but I guess they didn't get any satisfactory offers. It is listed on People can bid on it and if the reserve price is met then the people can get the house. If the reserve price is not met then the house will come back on the market as a bank owned property. I did not know that. I thought that the auction was the last step. No wonder there are so many ugly houses. They go on the market, then go to auction, then go back on the market. They just won't go away!

When I got home I took pictures of my dogs so that I can get them posted on the adoption website. Maybe I can get some dogs adopted this weekend. Not the guy in the picture though. He's mine.


KoBold said...

I've heared (some two years back on the radio) that there has been a serious study in Danmark about workplace naps after lunch.
They found that the employees allowed to take a 30 minute nap after lunch work considerably more efficient all through the afternoon.
I wish the issue were pusrued on EU levels...

Daizy said...

Oh yes! There are some companies that have nap rooms. Of course I don't work at those companies but I see it on the news every now and then. Someday I will have my own business and I will allow myself to nap in the middle of the day.