Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ugly, Uglier, and Ugliest

Oh my...I suspected that house hunting today would be bad and I was right. I was my third choice location and I really didn't know the neighborhoods very well. The first house that we went to was occupied so it was very hard to see past the people's stuff. It was a new listing and they want $89K for it which seemed high. I wasn't impressed.

Then we meandered through the streets and looked at one dump after another. All were over priced. Even the one for $65K was overpriced because the walls were all cracked and the ceiling was coming down. It should be demolished. At another house it looked like the people left in a hurry because their junk was still there including shoes and a bed with sheets and blankets. My realtor was freaked out and wouldn't go further than the living room. She was sure we were going to find something horrible in the back. It's too bad too. The house was cute under all that mess. Unfortunately, the neighborhood wasn't that great so I had to cross it off my list.

I did see 2 houses that had some potential. One had been converted in to a 2 bedroom instead of 3. My realtor was like, nooooo...the resale value on 2 bedrooms is awful. The nicest home had a 2 car garage and was in a good neighborhood. It had a tiny kitchen. They wanted $90K for it probably because it had a lovely view of the mountains. Too bad I don't care about a view. If I had that house the first thing I would do is increase the height of the wall to 6 feet and plant trees. There goes the view.

Now I guess I will just wait and see if any new listings come out. This house hunting stuff is really kind of disappointing.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I was looking forward to today to see more photos with some potential. Big diappointment. Stick with the original areas I guess.

Daizy said...

I didn't even bring my camera because I kind of expected it to be disappointing. I look up all of the yards on google maps and they didn't really look very big so I didn't have any favorite houses that I was looking forward to.