Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Opportunity Knocks

I need more money. I can't possibly do everything that I want with my measly income. My sister told me today that they don't have enough money for my nephew to do the study abroad program at his college. That was my favorite part of college! If I have any say in the matter, he will go. It is just a great experience and often life gets too busy later on so now is the best time to do it. These opportunities do not come around every day.
So, anyway, I offered to at least pay for his airfare, maybe more if I can save up the money. I do hope that he decides to go. Especially for a history major, traveling through Europe is an education in itself. I just can't say enough about it. I would gladly put my home search on hold so that he can go but if I find a house that is move-in ready like the first house that I wanted was, then I won't have to spend a lot of money on repairs.

I have one more house that I am interested in. It was just listed. My realtor called the listing agent and she said that there is a strange odor in the house that they can't identify. Oh great! Actually that doesn't worry me as much as the fact that it is a short sale with a huge amount of money owed. I think I will take this weekend off and see if it is still around by next weekend.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

what a lovely Aunty you are. I read up on 'short sale' so am beginning to know how it all works. Not sure about house with a funny smell. Are we not thinking previous owner still in the basement somewhere?

Daizy said...

I'm still learning how a short sale works too. My realtor is very pessimistic about them. I suppose I shouldn't even look at them. Waiting around for 6 months while the banks decides seems ridiculous. What if I see something better while I am waiting?