Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting Things Done

Another one adopted! We had a very good day at our adoption event with a total of 6 dogs adopted including my terrier. His new home was all the way across town so it was 6 before I headed back home. On the way I stopped at a house warming party for a friend. I bought her a rosemary plant as a house warming gift. I hope she isn't allergic to it or anything. I wanted to buy a herb garden kit but the only store nearby was a Home Depot and they said they don't order those until the Fall. Well, Fall is right around the corner but I didn't have any time to wait. I thought about a cactus (too prickly) or a strawberry plant (probably would have wilted by the time I got to her house). I picked rosemary because it is tough and can stand the heat and she can cook with it if she likes rosemary. I had my other dog with me but these were dog people so others had brought their dogs and there were 5 of them running around.

I only stayed for a burger and then I had to head home to feed the dogs. I made it home by 8. It was a long day but productive as I also bought more peel and stick tile for my floor. Tomorrow I look forward to some time at home relaxing and fixing my floor. Next week my puppies will be ready for adoption and I am hoping that those that don't get adopted right away can go to other foster homes. I'm kind of tired of getting up early and cleaning my floor twice a day. I'm looking forward to being puppy-free for a while.

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