Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rain On The Way

Sorry this is late but Blogger was down last night.

When I opened the door this morning I could smell the rain. It isn't here yet but it is close and the humidity is rising. On Monday the humidity was 5%, yesterday 12% and today 22%. I can hear thunder in the distance. It also reminded me that my yard is going to stink for a little bit. The dehydrated dog pee will soon It won't last long though. The storms get quite violent and will wash everything clean. Hmm...that reminds me, I hope I don't have any new leaks in the roof. I still haven't patched the ceiling where the old swamp cooler was removed. Hopefully the roof patches will hold.

My evaporative cooler arrived today! I filled it with water and positioned it at the end of the hallway so that it can cool the hallway and bathroom. It will help the air conditioner because hot air was getting in to the living room from the hallway. Of course it will only work for a day or 2 before I have to put it away until August. It is working so well right now that I want to buy another one so that I don't have to run the air conditioner in the Fall.

Only 2 more days of work until my 3 day weekend. Already it is filling up. I want to do some shopping on Saturday and get propane. On Sunday I am going to my friend's house to check in on her cat and do my laundry and someone who lives near there wants to meet one of my dogs. Monday is still free though. I hope to have at least one day to stay home and do some organising


Dave said...

One thing you won't have to do in the next day or two is make a post about your mortgage progress!

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Re-constituted dog pee. Nice!
All that lovely rain will be fantastic though. Wish i could mail you some, my back garden is a swamp even though we are in the sunniest part of the UK

Daizy said...

Yay! That's right Dave. I can celebrate every first of the month instead when that money DOESN'T get sucked out of my bank account.

Daizy said...

Please do Lizzie! You can dry it for shipping and then I will just add water and....wait...that won't work.