Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Money, No Spending

The day started off well. I got up early, fed the dogs, picked up the yard, washed the rug and bedspread, swept the floor, all before 8. I had time for a nap and the dogs were quiet so I took a snooze until the phone rang. After that I got ready, ate breakfast and attempted to load 3 dogs in the car. One dog ran off and I spent a few minutes tracking him down. I still managed to get to the pet store early and was the first one to set up.

After more people arrived I ran off to Home Depot to see if they had any evaporative coolers in stock. They did not but while I was there someone returned one so I gleefully wheeled it to the self-checkout. I carefully fed my 3 HD gift cards in to the machine and I owed $20 in the end. I reached for my wallet wasn't there. Darn, left it in the car. I told them I would be right back and went to my car where I suddenly realised that my wallet was not there, it was at home. I had to go back to the store and get them to retrieve my gift cards out of the machine and then sadly went back to the pet store.

Without a wallet I couldn't buy dog treats or special food that I was planning to buy for my cocker spaniel. It sure would have been nice to have that cooler. Next Friday has a 20 % chance of rain and my cooler and AC are arriving this week so I guess I will just wait. Once it starts raining I am sure HD will have coolers in stock again.

On a good note, my little yorkie mix got adopted today. I am sad to see him go but hopefully he will get a lot of attention as an only dog. I'm going to take my little Toto to work on Monday so that I don't miss my foster dog so much. I only need one more dog adopted to reach my manageable pack size of 7. At least I have another corner of my bed back for the moment.


Unknown said...

I've said it before, but I am filled with admiration for the work you do with the dogs. Both my dogs were rehomers and I never underestimate the work done by the foster carers who look after the dogs until they get a permanent home.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

In my mind I see the dogs have taken over the bed and you have been relegated to a person shaped dog basket. Really good that you got an adoption. Been there, done that with the wallet left at home too. I thought it was just my age but I have decided to blame the fact that I am really busy!!

Daizy said...

Frugal Queen, thanks. I've learned so much doing this and kept 2 as my own. I can't imagine how I survived before dogs.

Daizy said...

Lizzie, I blame the dogs for killing my brain cells.