Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Next Big Decision

The thought of deciding my next housing choice is really daunting. The $38,000 used manufactured home is still for sale and I still think it is a good deal but when I add $4,000 for a new septic, $4,000 for moving and set up, and $20,000 for a solar system, the price really gets out of hand. Of course I don't "need" a solar system but I don't know the cost of bringing new electric cables across the property. It would be cheaper to use the existing septic and electric but that would mean moving my stuff in to a storage unit and coordinating the removal of the old mobile home and the new manufactured home while the dogs and I camped out? I barely have enough time during the short weekend to do my regular chores. My stress level is going crazy just thinking about it.

I was looking back at my other housing ideas and found the guest house design with a loft. I like it but it is also expensive and it would probably take 4 years to save for.

I also found my tiny shed house idea but that doesn't make much sense now with the dogs.

Even the thought of putting money in to my existing mobile home is stressing me. The dogs are ripping up the vinyl flooring again and I am going to have to decide what to do about it. I am not feeling enthusiastic about a project that will take many weekends.

So, maybe I will buy the manufactured home. I don't know if I will be allowed to keep this old mobile home on the property for any length of time since only one dwelling is allowed but I would like to have time to move. Ugh...moving.

I am so undecided about this next step. Whatever I decide is going to determine how many more years I have to keep working and the thought of having to continue working is very scary.

Used manufactured home-
Pros: A lot of house for the money including a nice wood deck/porch. Instant living upgrade. No stress about building a new house. Defined costs.

Cons: A large loan at 7.5% interest. Having to work 2 years at least to pay it off.
Keep mobile home and build garage-
Pros: Cheaper in the short run. Can pay as I go.

Cons: Many, many, many home improvement projects. Many weekends spent working on the mobile home. Not really increasing the value of the mobile home. Garage will also need septic and electric if it is to be really useful which means a lot more money.
Maybe it's just the heat or the fact that I haven't had a relaxing weekend in so long but I am leaning towards the used manufactured home at the moment. I think I have changed my mind 10 times today. I was supposed to go look at it today but it is just too hot to go outside and I don't want to make a special trip just to go see it. If it is still available next weekend I will go see it on Saturday.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Hi Daizy
What is a manufactured home made of? Is it like a mobile home? You need something pretty hard wearing with all of your four legged friends. Also you need it to last you forever, not to be replaced in 20 years.What about building the base for a brick or block house and then building more as you can afford it?

Daizy said...

That's true. Manufactured homes are typically particle board on the floor and that is a big problem with the water damage that the dogs often cause. Maybe I should get a small loan and start on the garage that I want with the concrete floor. Thanks for the input. It gave me a new idea!

Anonymous said...


Since you appear to be trying to "add on" to what you've already got, in some way, you might be able to get county inspectors and paper-pushers to accept this more affordable solution more easily than many others:

Very well made, I've toured the SoCal factory. Silvercrest is much higher quality construction than competitors, IMHO. No, I don't have any ties to them, other than respect for what I've seen them build and deliver for others.


manufactured homes Washington said...

That's why people are getting manufactured home because it's affordable. Now if you use bricks, then it would cost more.

Unknown said...

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